Weekend course in Personal Growth

29-31 October 2021

The course starts on Friday 29 October at 16.00 and ends on Sunday 31 October at 16.00. All the meals are included. We serve food prepared from scratch using organic and locally produced ingredients (to the extent possible). It is important for us that the food tastes well. That it saturates, and that it is nutritious without additives. It’s also important that it’s cooked with love and that it’s aesthetically pleasing. Bed/sleeping area and bed linen are included as well. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
Phone: 0702-808698 Mail: info@morbacka.se
Cost 2000 SEK.

This course will, under three lovely days, give you the key to inner peace, and knowledge of successful exercises to release physical and emotional pain. You will also be able to change your mentality and therefore be able to experience a deeper connection with yourself and others.

This course is for you that wants:

  • To learn more about meditation
  • To learn exercises for easier stress management
  • The ability to create non-toxic relationships, instead of toxic ones
  • To forgive yourself and others
  • To faster find inner peace
  • To get a more positive mentality
  • To get a deeper connection to your loved ones and yourself
  • To feel more happy and positive

Under the duration of this weekend course, we will:

  • Learn different meditation techniques
  • Learn how to be silent and how to listen inwards
  • Be in motion and how to listen to our bodies
  • Be in nature
  • Learn how to communicate
  • Be in silence 

Welcome to this weekend course, where you will know yourself better and in depth.