Silent Retreat & Inner Reflection

17-19 December 2021

We offer a completely silent retreat.

Being in silence at a retreat is a fantastic tool to connect with your innermost core and longing. The retreat is aimed at those who want to stop and bring their power home.

  • Here you get the chance to leave everyday life and devote yourself only to yourself.
  • To find spiritual harmony, we need to find a balance between activity and stillness.
  • Through various exercises, you get help to lead your thoughts to rest and how your breathing can help you land in yourself.

The word retreat means to retire. Sometimes it can be nice, calm, and soothing, but it can also stir up things in our inner self.

  • Then we need to be brave, dare to stay, and see what is going on inside us.
  • The retreat has its given premise and offers something more than being alone at home.
  • The retreat’s rhythm and order provide the content with good structure and security, so it’s easy to be at ease.

Our recomendations:

Turn of the phone, e-mail, etc. under the duration of this course, to focus on yourself.

The retreaten include:

  • Meditation
  • Forest baths
  • Creative dance in mindfulness
  • We focus on opening our minds. Take the opportunity to rest from everything and focus inwards. These days are structured to nourish you to meet life with open minds and comfortable zest for life.