Retreat For Couples

22-24 April 2022

This is for you couples who want to find a more vibrant and loving relationship. Theory is mixed with exercises where the focus is on communication, truth, closeness and conscious presence. Do you long for more passion, desire and presence in life? Do you long for that warm and heartfelt feeling when you and your partner find each other for real? No matter how long you have been together, it is possible to help love on the run. By becoming aware of what strengthens your relationship and what promotes your development together, you can reach new heights. It is about understanding how you lift each other, how you strengthen yourself as individuals and what you can do to both feel seen and heard.

This course suits you who:

  • experience more in your relationship
  • develop together
  • feel more joy over life and each other
  • have a more meaningful and vibrant love life
  • get closer to each other and deepen the relationship
  • feel greater attraction to your partner
  • access tools to communicate more clearly

When you have taken this course you will:

  • better understanding of your relationship
  • understand each other better
  • be able to accept each other’s differences
  • communicate better
  • have a common platform to start from
This course is for couples only. To participate, you need to book together with a partner. You do all the exercises with your partner. It does not matter if you have just met or if you have been together for many years, here you are given the opportunity to deepen your relationship and get to know each other better.
We all need to take the time to nurture what we have in our lives. Unfortunately, many people spend more time and money on the car and the house, than on their relationship. Despite this, we are convinced that most people think that the relationship with their partner is more important. Therefore, we want to offer all the couples who want to deepen Love for each other this opportunity.

We who lead this course:

Camilla has a background as a hairdresser and hairdressing teacher but has over the past 15 years exploring various tools for personal development and growth. Today she works as a Qigong instructor, coach, and healer. Camilla is really passionate about helping others find the power and strength within themselves to lead and heal themselves. She has the ability to see each individual and invite them to open up to what they need to work with within themselves, to be able to live more in truth, love, and trust.

Martin has experience from several different industries, including crafts and in social work as a sociologist. He also has training in and experience of the rose method, grief processing, coaching, thought field therapy, qigong, healing, and laser treatment. Martin has a great commitment and really wants to help everyone to better health and personal development. He is the man who stands firmly with both feet deeply rooted in the earth. With his intuition, he can guide you to the place where you can grow and develop as best and most.

On a daily basis, we take care of the farm, the garden, the buildings, the chickens, our flea market, and Bed & Breakfast. There is always something that needs to be fixed and arranged. Martin also has a lot of forests to take care of, and you can often see him speeding past in his tractor on some assignment. Camilla spends a lot of time in the kitchen cooking or baking something good.

Other information

Throughout the weekend, you will be well taken care of and guided by our course leaders. We take care of everything around you so you can safely relax and enjoy. It is voluntary to participate in all events, but we strongly recommend participating as much as possible as it gives the greatest and best results. We also recommend turning off mobile and computer during the weekend!

Housing: You live in your own double room. Bed linen and towels are available at the property so you do not need to pack. There are two bathrooms in the accommodation that you share with other participants. We accept a maximum of 4 couples.

The Food: We serve homemade lovingly prepared vegetarian food during the retreat. You are offered dinner on Friday and Saturday at 18. Breakfast Saturday and Sunday at 9. Lunch Saturday and Sunday at 13. In between there is the opportunity to drink tea and eat fruit.

The way here:

Our farm is located in Klarälvdalen, Torsby Kommun, Northen Värmland.

You get here by bus from Karlstad to Värnäs, where you change buses to Sysslebäck and ask to be dropped off at the mailbox line in Mörbacka. From there it is about 100 meters to go north to Mörbacka Gårdsretreat.

If you go by car: Mörbacka 10, 680 63 Likenäs.

The distance from:

  • Stockholm 42 mil
  • Göteborg 37 mil
  • Oslo 22 mil
  • Östersund 44 mil
  • Karlstad 16 mil

You’re welcome to book this weekend course.

Welcome to yourself.

Booking: or 070-2808698.

Booking is available to 13 April at the latest.

Efter anmälan får du mer information.

Investment: 6’000 SEK/pair. What is included is course, diet, accommodation, fantastic nature, environment and community. Money back guarantee: If you are not 100% satisfied with the course, the full amount will be refunded, plus you will be reimbursed for travel expenses.

P.S.Feel free to bring clothes for outdoor activities as we will be a part of the forest. Also pack soft, comfortable clothes that you can move freely in. Good with several changes as it can get a little sweaty in some exercises.

A warm warm welcome to Mörbacka Gårdsretreat in beautiful Klarälvdalen, Torsby Municipality, Norra Värmland.