Relationship Course

Couple relationship course Come closer 19-21 November 2021

This is a relationship course for those who want to find a more vibrant and loving relationship. Theory and exercises are mixed together in the curriculum where the focus lays on communication, truth, proximity, and conscious presence. Do you long for more passion, desire, and presence in life? Do you long for that warm and heartfelt feeling when you and your partner find their way to each other for real? No matter how long you’ve been together, it’s possible to help love. By becoming aware of what strengthens your relationship and what promotes your development together, you can reach new heights. It’s about understanding how you lift each other, how you strengthen yourself as individuals, and what you can do to make both feel seen and heard.

This course suits you who wants to:

  • Experience more in your relationship
  • Develop together
  • Feel more joy over life and each other
  • Have more content and vibrant love life
  • Get closer together and deepen the relationship
  • Feel greater attraction to your partner
  • Access tools to communicate more clearly

This course is only available for couples

To participate, you need to book in with a partner. You do all the exercises together with your partner. It does not matter if you have just met or if you have been together for many years, here you are given the opportunity to deepen your relationship and get to know each other better.

We all need to take the time to nurture what we have in our lives. Unfortunately, many people spend more time and money on the car and the house than they do on their relationship. Despite this, we are convinced that most people think that the relationship with their partner is more important. Therefore, we want to offer all those couples who want to get a deepening love of each other this opportunity.

The course includes:

  • Couple relationship course Come closer 19/11 kl 16 – 21/11 kl 16 – 2021
  • Living and all the meals.
  • Price: 4,000 SEK per couple

About us:

We have been a couple for 8 years, and have had periods of both highs and lows. What we have learned, and now want to share, is that there are several tools and means that help and strengthen a relationship. Our ambition is that you will develop as a couple, while at the same time being in a safe environment. During these two days, we will share several different exercises. A lot of it will be about communication and how we can build security in a relationship. A warm welcome from Camilla and Martin.