Medicinsk Qigong – Jichu Gong

11-13 February 2022

In this weekend course, you will learn Jichu Gong. It is Step 1 of the Medical Qigong according to the Biyun method. The movements are simple and slow and exercised during natural breathing. When we train qigong, the energy in the body’s meridians opens up, and we come into contact with the body’s natural healing power. A translation of the word Qi is vitality, and a translation of the word Gong is method. Qigong is therefore a way of life!

Health benefits of training Jichu Gong:

  • You become more alert and stronger
  • Improves general health and strengthens the immune system
  • Counteracts stress and tension
  • Stimulates and strengthens muscles, joints, tendons, and neural pathways
  • Improve concentration and learning
  • Promotes creativity and mental well-being
  • Counteracts the ageing process
  • Coordinates and balances body, mind, and soul

Why the Biyun method’s Gigong?

  • It is simple, natural, and easy to learn
  • The training can be practiced anytime and anywhere
  • In Sweden, the method is scientifically proven
  • The method is based on genuine traditions adapted to today’s lifestyle

Other information about the course:

After the weekend course, you will receive a course certificate and a CD with instructions for all exercises that you can use when you continue your training at home. You can attend the course both as a beginner and advanced practitioner of qigong. To enjoy all the health benefits of qigong, it is important to exercise regularly every day. A qigong session takes about 30 minutes, but to get even more out of your training, you can also train longer. Welcome to book yourself for this weekend course where in addition to teaching Jichu Gong we also serve good food, wonderful nature, and fellowship.