Medicinsk qigong – Delfinkraftens Metod

21-23 January 2022

In this method, we draw inspiration from the sea and the dolphin, which is known to be kind-hearted and powerful. With a positive concentration on the dolphin jumping, dancing, singing, and diving, we move to classical Chinese music with hints of dolphin sounds. The method quickly produces good health effects and is suitable for everyone. It is an excellent method to counteract all types of stress-related problems and the method strengthens both our physical and mental balance.

Delfinkraftens method’s possitve effects:

  • Builds up the body’s defensive power and self-healing ability
  • Counteracts stress-relating problems
  • Improves sleep
  • Stabilizes mood
  • Reduces negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, and irritation

Teachings from delfinkraftens method:

  • Teach us the light and the power of love
  • When you exercise, you should have the concentration that you are the dolphin. We become what we think
  • The dolphin conveys love, harmony, and joy
  • We are the happy, wise, viable, free, joyful, and vital dolphins.
  • To transform grief into a healing force through training.
  • To help others by learning to become wiser and stronger.

The dolphin power method is based on ancient Chinese wisdom about medical movement and the method was developed by Fan Xiulan in a collaboration with Örebro University.

After the course ends, you will receive a diploma and a CD with instructions for all exercises so that you can continue to train safely at home.