Lodge Mörbacka

Bed & Breakfast – Fleamarket – Wellbeing

For those who appreciate tranquility and a harmonic environment, Lodge Mörbacka is the place for you. You are always welcome here. We also have a homey environment, personal service, and competitive prices.

The location provides many opportunities for nature experiences in the form of walks on cozy forest roads and small paths or excursions to some of our nearby destinations.

Lodge Mörbacka offers talks and courses in personal development for both couples and individuals. All courses are held by trained coaches and therapists who have the ability to see, hear, and highlight what you need to develop and work on.

In the summertime, you can find a mix of old and new things in the second-hand and curiosity shop in the farm’s lodge. Those who appreciate fine goods for reuse and shop sustainably will enjoy themselves here.

The lodge’s Bed & Breakfast is run all year round. Overnight accommodation is offered here in a calm, harmonious, and rural environment.

All guests are offered a memorable accommodation experience with a focus on peace and quiet, a homely atmosphere, and a good exclusive breakfast.

You are always welcome at Lodge Mörbacka, regardless of whether you want to stay for a short time or for a longer period.

Here you will find the coziest Bed & Breakfast in Northern Värmland.

The people who live here are called Martin and Camilla, the cat Cosi, and 25 hens and a rooster. Our ambition is that everyone should feel warmly welcome to us! All year round we have Bed & Breakfast in the big blue house. There, you can rent a single room or the entire house! It is also possible to take a course with us. See the range of courses under the “Well-being” tab. During the summer months, we have our own shop open daily-a shop with a lovely mix of old and new gadgets. Here with us, you can also enjoy the lovely surroundings and the beautiful nature.

We welcome you to Mörbacka, Klarälvdalen, Torsby Municipality, Northern Värmland.

What to do in the neighborhood:

  • The Branäs ski resort is located 20 kilometers north of the lodge.
  • Branäs is now also open in the summertime.
  • You can go river rafting on Klarälven where you build your own raft.
  • There are several nice hikingtrails nearby. For example Brattåsleden and Fämtleden.
  • Klarälvsleden is available for those who want to cycle a longer distance.
  • We also have beautiful hiking trails and biking trails in the area around the lodge.
  • Visit a nature reserve. For example; Knappnäs Naturreservat.
  • Fishing waters in the nearby area.
  • Berry picking (blueberry, cloudberry, and lingonberry).
  • The waterfall is located 1.5 kilometers south of the lodge
  • You can go swimming there, and there’s also a fire pace.
  • Rent a SUP and paddle along Klarälven.
  • Visit a säter, for example Ransbysätern or Munkebolssätern.
  • A must-see is the Utmarksmuseet in Ransby, which also has a nice little café.
  • Nereby Utmarksmuseet is Dalby Hembygdsgård, which is also well worth a visit.
  • There is also the option of trying out forestry or a forest bath.
  • We have a variety of outside activities and games to participate in.
  • You can only be still and observe and enjoy the stillness and nature.
  • Participate in qigong, yoga, meditation, or another session with us.
  • Free WI-FI is available. 
  • Smoking is prohibited on the premises.
  • There are several grocery shops in the area: Tempo Nordvärmland, Ambjörby 5 km, ICA Likenäs 10 kilometers, COOP KONSUM, Sysslebäck 23 km..
  •  Food and takeaway boxes can be purchased from Tempo in Ambjörby.
  • Other restaurants include Nedergårdens Vilt & Natur in Sysslebäck, Spishyllan in Branäs, and a variety of restaurants in Branäs skidanläggning.
  • For more information about the area visit visittorsby.se

Any questions?

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Our contact information can befound under CONTACT.

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